Roofers Edinburgh Flat Roofing

A completed insulated flat roof in Juniper Green, Edinburgh by KM Roofing Edinburgh Flat Roofing Specialist. The flat roof is a 4 layer build up with 50mm insulation board with a green mineral capping sheet. All flat roof materials are supplied by Polyglass U.K. The new flat roof carries a 20 year guarantee with AA fire rating and is BBA approved. This roof covering is suitable for new builds and extensions where certification is required for building control.


Completed flat roof finished in green mineral felt with 20 year warranty.

Roofers Edinburgh Roof Maintenance

KM Roofing Edinburgh undertaking emergency roof repairs in Montpellier Park, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. The main slated pitch roof is being overhauled with slates being repaired, skews replaced and loose chimney pots being taken down for safety. These will be replaced and securely bedded with cement mortar, and new vent cowls supplied and fitted. Along with the gutters, watergates  and valleys being cleaned and sealed, the flat roof will be checked over and any necessary repairs undertaken. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.

IMG_7640 IMG_7645

Loose chimney pots and spalling cement flaunching.

IMG_7647 IMG_7649 IMG_7650

Missing slates.

IMG_7665 IMG_7667 IMG_7670

Accessing the roof with a cherrypicker mobile platform.


Roofers Edinburgh Area Flat Roofing

A flat roof being replaced by KM Roofing Edinburgh – Flat Roof Specialists in Buckstone, Edinburgh. On stripping back the roofing felt the roof timbers were found to have perished due to historical water ingress. The damaged timbers will be cut out and replaced and all surrounding areas sprayed with timber preservation fluid. The flat roof will be recovered with a 3 layer Polyglass Polyshield green mineral roofing felt. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.

IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7632 IMG_7633

Roofers Edinburgh upvc Dry Verge

A new upvc dry verge system being replaced to a property in Buckstone, Edinburgh by KM Roofing Edinburgh. The perished timber battens were cut back and replaced before the new upvc dry verge caps were securely fastened. All the original roof tiles were replaced and fixed to the tinder battens. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.



Stripping back tiles and replacing tile batten.


Cutting out old timbers.


Fixing new timbers to accommodate new upvc dry verge system.

Roofers Edinburgh Cupola Repairs

A traditional glazed cupola overhauled and restored by KM Roofing Edinburgh. The original glass panes were replaced with clear toughened laminate double glazed units. The astragals were then releaded with British milled lead sheet.


Fitting new double glazed units.

IMG_7334 IMG_7335 IMG_7352

Completed cupola with new lead flashings.


Finished cupola.

Roofers Edinburgh Area Roof Repairs

KM Roofing Edinburgh, replacing a flat roof in Juniper Green, Edinburgh. Due to water ingress the timber chipboard roof deck has started to perish, in a surprisingly short period of time. The timber deck will be replaced with 18mm OSB treated structural timber sheets and the new 4 layer flat roof with insulation will be installed. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.

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