Re-Roofing of Garage, Edinburgh Area

Here can be seen a new roof deck being fitted to a garage roof in Baberton, Edinburgh. The original perished asbestos cement fibre sheets have been carefully removed by Chamic licensed asbestos contractors. The steel frame will be reused to accommodate the new 18mm OSB timber roof decking. All flat roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.


Fitting timber fillet to the perimeter of the new garage roof.

Upvc Facia Boards Roofing Edinburgh

KM Roofing Edinburgh, supplying and fitting new timber facias with white upvc capping boards to a dormer flat roof in Edinburgh. The original facias were beginning to perish and the client required a smart looking low maintenance option. All work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.


Existing facia boards stripped off.


Exterior plywood fitted to front and sides of dormer roof.




New white upvc capping boards fitted.


Roofers Edinburgh upvc Dry Verge

A new upvc dry verge system being replaced to a property in Buckstone, Edinburgh by KM Roofing Edinburgh. The perished timber battens were cut back and replaced before the new upvc dry verge caps were securely fastened. All the original roof tiles were replaced and fixed to the tinder battens. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.



Stripping back tiles and replacing tile batten.


Cutting out old timbers.


Fixing new timbers to accommodate new upvc dry verge system.

Roofers Edinburgh EH10

KM Roofing Edinburgh flat roofing specialists, laying 100mm insulation boards to a flat roof in Morningside, Edinburgh EH10. A new polycarbonate double glazed rooflight will also be fitted to replace the original glazed skylight. All flat roofing materials supplied by Polyglass UK. KM Roofing Edinburgh are members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and the Flat Roof Alliance. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh, 271 Morningside Road, EH10 4rw.

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Roofers Edinburgh Roof Repairs

KM Roofing Edinburgh undertaking slate repairs and general roof maintenance in Edinburgh. It is important to keep on top of roof maintenance before Winter sets in, clearing gutters, making good all loose and slipped slates or tiles & checking all downpipes are running freely. Contact KM Roofing Edinburgh today for a free roofing estimate and friendly impartial advice on all aspects of roofing. Call 07968 747 455 for details.

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Flat Roofers Edinburgh KM Roofing

A completed garage flat roof with new upvc facia boards by KM Roofing Edinburgh. The original asbestos garage roof was removed and replaced with a timber roof deck and 3 layer flat roof system, finished in green mineral roofing felt with a 15 year warranty. KM Roofing Edinburgh welcome all garage roof replacement and repairs, please contact us for details and a competitive estimate 07968 747455  (7days 7am – 9pm)


Garage roof with green mineral felt and new upvc white facia boards in Edinburgh.


Roofers Edinburgh uPVC Facias & Dry Verge

Here can be seen our roofers fitting new white upvc facia boards, gutters, downpipes and a new dry verge to a property in Linlithgow near Edinburgh. KM Roofing Edinburgh also replaced the asbestos cement sheet garage roof  with new timber roof deck and three layer flat roof covering. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh.

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Roofers Edinburgh Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement

An asbestos cement sheet garage roof being replaced by KM Roofing Edinburgh. The sheets are removed by a licensed asbestos removal company and removed from site. A new roof deck, facia boards and green mineral flat roof covering will be fitted with a new upvc gutter. New extra timber joists are fitted to support the new flat roof. All flat roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh. Call 07968 747 455  for a free estimate.


Fitting new treated timber joists.

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New 18mm OSB timber roof decking being fitted.


Garage Flat Roof Replacement Roofers Edinburgh

A flat roof and facia boards being replaced on a double garage in North Edinburgh, by KM Roofing Edinburgh, flat roof specialists. The timber flat roof deck was in good condition and can be reused. The facia boards are being replaced with white upvc and the flat roof finished in high performance Polyglass green mineral felt. All roofing work by KM Roofing Edinburgh. All flat roof materials supplied by Polyglass UK.

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