Health & Safety

KM Roofing have made health, safety & the environment our number one priority.

We are known throughout the industry for our quality and this is reflected in our attitude towards safety. We take this so seriously that we commit a large part of our resources each year to providing the best equipment for our  workforce, obtaining up to date advice from professional consultants and carrying out internal and external training. We ensure all our sites are risk assessed to ensure the safety of our workforce, clients and the public.

These high standards are also imposed on our plant and material suppliers who are made aware that they must keep up to date with current legislation and provide both products and services with relevant documentation.

To show confirmation of our commitment to health and safety, we are members of the industry’s leading associations and organisations who apply benchmark standards to their members which must be met to retain membership.

KM Roofing set targets each year to ensure there are no accidents and incidents and we achieve this by carrying out the following tasks:


*Risk assessments carried out on each contract
*Safe systems of work produced on each contract
*Clients made aware of the activities which will be carried out on site
*All contracts designed to protect our clients and the public from harm
*Regular training of our workforce
* Regular monitoring of our suppliers
*Advice from leading consultants
*Retain membership of associations and organisations
*Gain standards approval through verification bodies
*Subscription of organisations and bodies
*Provision of quality personal protective equipment
*Strive to be the best in our industry

As well as health & safety we undertake to protect the environment by making our workforce and suppliers aware of good practises which can be implemented through the best use of resources. This includes reducing waste, reusing and recycling materials.

By adopting the above policies we ensure the personal safety and security of our employees, clients and communities in the areas where we operate. We also ensure protection of the environment.