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KM Roofing Edinburgh, Roofer Edinburgh, a chimney stack in Morningside, Edinburgh in need of re-rendering. Due to a slight crack in the cement render, rainwater has penetrated causing the cement coating ( render) to spall, exposing the bare brick work to the elements and resulting in a roof leak, and, eventually if left undealt with, structural damage to the chimney stack. This can result in an expensive rebuild of the chimney stack, which can be avoided if repaired quickly. The existing render coat needs to be cut back to the brickwork, inspected, and if in sound condition bonded and recoated (2 coats) to remedy the problem. KM Roofing Edinburgh undertake all cement render, harling, pointing, lime mortar and chimney works. KM Roofing Edinburgh are members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors- NFRC and Flat Roofing Alliance (FRA).

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